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People Died Here

Jaime Lee, MA, USA
January 2001

Afriend of mine, Tricia, just told me this story the other day. As she was telling me I got cold chills up and down my spine.

Tricia's step daughter, Melissa, is just a few years older than me (somewhere in her early 20's) and has a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter named Marissa. Marissa is very intelligent and knowledgeable for her age.

Before I continue, allow me to give a little background. Tricia has been living in her home for about 8 years. During that time both her in-law's died in the house. Prior to her living there, the former owner died in the master bedroom. Tricia has seen the spirits of both her in-law's and the former owner in the home since.

Tricia told me that very often she will hear her Mother-in-Law calling her name or see her one of her in-laws out of the corner of her eye. Often she feels their presences and will speak to them. She also told me that she has, at night, heard the former owner moaning in the corner of her bedroom. She later found out that the owner, an old man, had a favourite chair in the corner of the room and was found dead sitting in that chair.

Tricia, nor anyone in her family, has told Marissa any of this because of her young age.

Now on with the story...

The other day Marissa was playing in the living room. Marissa's Mom Melissa and Tricia's husband Sonny were there with her. Tricia was still at work.

Marissa was dressed in a little princess outfit and jumping off of the couch and singing. She is a very energetic child and rarely sits still. Suddenly, in the middle of playing, Marissa got very quiet. She was kneeling in the middle of the living room, concentrating very hard. She tucked her little chin against her chest and then slowly lifted her head. Tricia's husband Sonny asked her what was wrong, as it is strange for her to suddenly become so quiet and still. Marissa looked right at Sonny and whispered, "People died here." Sonny looked over at his daughter and shuddered. Melissa looked at her father with her mouth gaping.

Marissa sat a little bit longer in the living room, staring at the spare bedroom door. The interesting thing about this is that Tricia's in-laws both died in that spare bedroom. Just as suddenly as she became still and quiet, Marissa was up and running again.
She hasn't said anything else about people having died in the house and no one has asked her about it.

Jaime Lee, MA, USA
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