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Permission To Enter Not Granted

October 2001

This is not a Halloween story. It's simply one of the many true experiences I have had with the unexplained. Some of the weirdest things have happened to me during the daytime. This particular episode occurred in the morning.

Actually it was about 6:30 a.m. on a weekday. My (then) boyfriend had just gone to work and it was my day off. I was alone in the apartment and decided I would lie back down for about thirty minutes before tackling chores and errands.

I was just about to doze off when I "felt" something in the room. Remember, it's daylight. The sun is beginning to peek through the mini-blinds. I looked but of course saw nothing. I rolled over with my back to the open door which faced the hallway and the stairs. Once again I got comfortable on the bed but couldn't shake the uneasy feeling of another presence. You know, like when you try hard to resist the urge to look over your shoulder even though what you really want to do is run like hell. And I knew it was not in the hall or on the stairs, it was in the room. Trying to be sensible, I forced myself to lie there. Then I felt a slight tug on the covers at the foot of the bed, but it was so subtle I passed it off. Or attempted to. Lying on my side, I shifted my position a little and had one leg drawn upwards and the other extended. Just then something grabbed my big toe and pulled. I immediately jerked my leg away and at that same moment I heard it. In a loud whisper with every syllable clearly enunciated, It said,

"We just want to talk to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu......"

The voice was slow and very drawn out just like that and just sort of faded away at the end like it was moving away as it spoke.

Only later did it dawn on me that it had said "we" want to talk to you instead of "I".

I have felt that same presence several times since, including when I wasn't alone. I don't think of it as a ghost, but I do sense that it is evil. So far I have been able to "cut it off" at will.

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