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Phantom Light

Tory, TX, USA
December 2001

This story happened to my father and his older brother.

Approximately 41 years ago my grandparents, my father, and his older brother were living in a two story house out in the boonies of Georgia. The closest house to them was across this very big field. This house was three stories high, and was used as a storage facility for the road company. It housed cones, barricades, and the such. It had no windows, no light bulbs, nothing reflective, and had no electricity to it.

One night my father and his brother looked out their window and noticed a red light coming out the third story window. They sat and watched it, it didn't waver, it didn't flicker, and it never went out. They watched it for about a week and as a 10 yr old and an 11 year old's curiosity peaked they decided to go investigate. My grandparents took part by watching the light to see if anything changed when my father and uncle went to investigate.

Grandparents in their window looking out, they got the courage up to walk into the dense field. Everything was blocked from their sight except the light, and that; they kept their eyes on it the whole time. When they reached the edge of the field my father and uncle had to go around a large fence, which took the light out of their sight. When they came back around with the house in view the light was no longer there. They walked all around the house and even got the courage to run onto the porch and look in. Alas they found nothing. They finally made it back to their own house within 10 minutes and asked about the light. When they looked out their window again they saw the light. They asked their parents when the light went off and when did it come back on. My grandparents looked at them puzzled and said the light never went off. That they couldn't understand why my father and uncle kept circling the house when the light was just as bright from the third story window as when they had left.

Tory, TX, USA
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