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Physcially Gone - Spiritually Alive!

Alexia Johnson, WA, USA
October 2003

My mother died on the 15, Oct 2001. Before she died she told my sister that if she could she would try to contact us from the other side.

So since her death interesting things have happened. My neice and nephew both have seen her or felt her and my sister while being upset and asking her to show her a sign had her lights flicker and an ornament fall off of her tree (around Christmas of course).

My personal experience has been just as interesting. First about a month after her death I was really upset and trying to find something in the house. I couldn't find it so and I was so tired so I took a nap. I had a dream and in my dream my mother was talking to me and told me that she is okay. We talked about other stuff too and then she said by the way what you are looking for is (she then explained where in the house they were located) and then I woke up. When I went to the place, sure enough they were there.

Also once I was trying to fall asleep and I felt a hand brush against my forehead (no one was there of course). And another time I had to get surgery done on my leg and I came home from the hospital and I was sleeping in my bed when I woke up to someone caressing the leg I had surgery on and again no one was there. It was like my mom was letting me know that she was watching over me. I said,"Hi Mom!" and got up to use the WC.

This isn't a scary ghost story, but a hopeful one. I truly believe that my mom is not "gone" and that we haven't heard or seen the last of her.

Alexia Johnson, WA, USA
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