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Picture on the Wall & Other Stories

March 2003

Hi everybody - thanks for taking time to read this. I have read many other stories on this site and I think they are all very interesting, true or not. What I am about to relate here is all true as far as I know. However, I cannot prove or explain anything that I am about to relate.

I'll start with the picture on the wall. This story involves my dad and his mom (my grandmother) shortly after my grandfathers death.

My dad and his mom were sitting in her and my grandmother couldn't believe that my grandfather had died. It just hadn't "clicked" - I guess it was a stage of denial. Anyways, in the dining room of the house hung a big picture on the wall (I am not sure of what) that had been there for at least 20 years, never once falling off the wall or being greatly disturbed. However, a few seconds later exact after my grandmother finally "realized" or accepted that my grandfather was dead, the picture came crashing down to the floor. No one else was in the house, there were no pets, no earthquakes or tremors, no reason at all for it too come down. Coincidence? Or a ghostly sign from my grandfather, as a last good-bye?

The next story involves something that happens to me every once in a while. Like maybe twice a year or so. Anyways, I'll be sitting on my bed at night reading a book or something, when I clearly hear my full name whispered. It is so clear that I actually turn around to see if someone is there. Of course, no one is, and being an only child, I have no siblings to play tricks on me.

I got up out of bed and went to my parent's room, where they were both asleep. Even so I woke up my mom and asked if she or my dad had whispered my name. She said no and go back to bed, which I did - I wasn't really scared, just a little shaken. A figment of my imagination? I don't know.. it's just that the voice was so inexplicably clear...

The next story is just weird, I don't know if it's paranormal or not, but it is strange. My mom had just called me from her cell phone to say she was on her way home. I picked up and we talked for less than a minute when i hung up the phone. I started to walk away, and then realized I had to call a friend back. Ten seconds later I walked back to the phone and picked it up to dial the number. Instead of a dial tone I heard some weird noise that sounded like vinyl rubbing together, or pant legs rubbing together when someone walks. I also thought I heard a faint voice in the background at some time or another. I hung up the again, making sure it was properly in place, knowing that sometimes hanging up the phone and picking it up again real fast can allow you to still be on the phone with the other person. Again, I waited a few seconds, and picked up the phone. I heard the same thing. I slammed the phone down, waited 20 more seconds, and tried again.

I dialed a number this time, which didn't go through because instead of the dial tone the noise was still there. Enough of that, so I left and tried agian a half hour later, and everything was fine.


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