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Pioneer Woman

Stephanie Oregon, USA
September 2000

When my parents divorced my sister and mom and I went to live with my Aunt and Uncle and their two kids.

One of the first things that my uncle told me was that the house was haunted. I didn't really believe him because he was always trying to scare me. When I asked my aunt (who is a very levelheaded person) about it she said that the landlord had half jokingly mentioned that the ghost of a pioneer women haunted the house (I don't know why they thought it was a pioneer woman).

There were things going on that no one could explain cupboard doors would open and close at night and bells from the kids' toys would go off. There was something about the laundry room too. Whenever you went in there you got a feeling that someone was there with you. This wasn't a bad feeling it was just kind of weird. That is about all that happened because of the spirit, but there is one thing I would like to thank her for.

One day when my mom and uncle were at work a neighbor called and asked my aunt if she could come over. So, she asked me if I could watch the kids for about an hour. We were all playing outside and had just decided to go into the back yard to ride horses when the phone rang. I went inside with my two-year-old cousin following me to answer it. When I picked up the phone there was no one there and I was just about to go back outside when I felt my cousin tug on my hand. He had just started talking so I had trouble understanding him but I finally figured out that he was saying, "That lady is pointing out the window." A chill went up my spine immediately because he was looking right into the laundry room and I was getting that feeling of someone else being there. I got up enough courage and went to look out the window. My mouth fell open as I saw a huge swarm of bees buzzing around the backyard. I ran into the front yard and yelled at my sister and cousin to come inside. We called my aunt and then watched as the bees moved into a hollow tree just outside the fence. I don't know if anybody would have been stung because we might have noticed the bees before they got the chance, but we really weren't expecting anything. My aunt later said it was lucky that we had come inside because my sister is very allergic to bees. When I told her what had happened she just kind of stared at me and started coming up with ways I could be wrong, but I always thought that it really was the pioneer women who was looking out for us that day.

Stephanie Oregon, USA
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