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May 2002

I'm not exactly old enough to understand things like those of the paranormal, but my father is.

My father grew up in Asia, Philippines to be exact. According to him, Philippines, is one of the most haunted countries of all time. It's hard not to believe, but if you ever go there, stay somewhere in a suburban area, and wake up to people screaming, check your window. You'll find something you'd NEVER expect. The stories below, aren't exactly long, but their true and they all happened to me during vacation in the Philippines.

It was something like a knock on the door, but I was too lazy to open it. My father was sleeping with my mother in the next bed, while me and 4-year-old brother slept with me in the other bed. I was the one with insomnia at the time. I began to feel the urge to open the constant knocking; but I refused. Next day, around mid-day, I wandered aimlessly in the house my father grew up in, only to see an 8-foot tall man with a pipe and a bowler hat! He sat on a stool, in a squatting position, turned to me and asked me, "By any chance young lady, do you have a pipe?" This incident freaked me out from day one on my vacation.

My second visit was a year after my first, when I was 11. We went to my cousins home in the mountains in a place called Baguio (supposedly means storm or wind). Having four rooms in the house, I slept in a room on my own. My brother with my father and mother, and my cousins in another, and their parents in the master bedroom. I woke to scratching sounds, and peered around the room with the blanket over my head. I had just spotted something like the figure of a man with a cigar in his mouth sitting at the edge of my bed. He laughed as if in a conversation, and then disappeared, then appeared at the door, as if holding back in fright.

When I woke from that terrible night, I asked my cousin - the eldest, 14 - who had the house before them. He stood quiet, then brought his mother in, and I spoke to her about the night. I was shocked to hear that there had been a murder in the house just 50 years ago! The suspect had been drunk and in conversation with his best friend, and nailed him to the door as he shot him manically.

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