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Playful Children

March 2001

My stepdaughter told me about this incident. This happened when she was in elementary school.

Jamie was in dance at the time. She had a bunch of cute little dance costumes with all the accessories. These were kept in a special drawer in her room, and were only to be used during her dance routines.

Let me mention a bit of background concerning where she lives. Jamie lives in a house way out in the country at the end of a dirt road. Not too far from the back yard gate is an old family cemetery. No one has been buried there in quite some time.

Anyway, one night Jamie woke up. She wasn't sure why she did and first of all looked at her bedside clock. It was 3 in the morning. Then she saw what had awakened her. There were 2 little ghost children, a boy and a girl, playing with her dance costumes! She remembers that the girl was trying one on but it was too big for her.

Being afraid, Jamie said she slid down under the covers and eventually went back to sleep.

The next morning, her Mom came in to wake her up and demanded to know why Jamie had been playing with her dance costumes in the night! The costumes were spread all over the room. Jamie said that she realised the impossibility of trying to blame it on ghosts and just took the blame for it.

I asked Jamie if she thought it might be two children from the cemetery. She said she didn't know. She has no interest in it and she said that most of the headstones are so weathered as to be unreadable.

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