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Teash, QLD, Australia
December 2003

Fourteen years ago my aunt had baby Chris, that sadly, passed away within a couple of hours. Two and a half years ago she had another little boy, Elliot - perfectly healthy.

From when Elliot was little he had an imaginary friend called Pocus. We had to make a place at the table for Pocus, and everywhere we went Elliot insisted he was with us. We eventually got used to this 'imaginary friend'.

One day my Grandmother was babysitting my young cousin (he was 2 1/2 at the time) and she was going through the family photographs as my cousin named each family member. She skipped over the photo of Chris and continued on with the rest of the family. Once they had finished, Elliot pointed to the photo of Chris and said "Thats Chris, he's my brother, he is Pocus now".

Since then, Elliot has told us many times that Pocus is with us at family functions. I think its kinda nice, Elliots big brother is watching out for him.

Teash, QLD, Australia
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