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Poker Face

October 2000

This happened to me when I was around 4 years old, and I still remember it. My mother and I were staying all night with my grandparents. We went to bed in the front bedroom of their old house. During the night, I woke up to my mother's screaming. Of course my grandmother came running into the room and turned on the lights. She asked Mom what happened. Mom said she had seen a man standing in the doorway holding a knife. My grandmother thought it must have been my grandfather. He was a terrible drunk, and he was known to do some really strange things. We went to his room to check on him, but he was sound asleep. We looked all over the house and checked the doors. The doors were all locked, no windows were opened, and there was no sign of anyone being in the house. Thinking Mom must have been having a bad dream we went back to bed.

Last Halloween, the three of us were sitting around telling ghostly experiences. Neither my mom nor my grandmother remember this incident. It happened almost 30 years ago. But my grandmother now tells me there was a man murdered in that front bedroom before they bought the house. He was stabbed to death during a poker game. I think it is strange that they don't remember it, and although I was only 4, I remember it vividly.

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