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Poor Bella

Bree, CA, USA
July 2004

My best friend Bella is more like a cousin than anything else. Her mother died of a drug overdose, and she never was told who her father is, so she was raised by my aunt Peg. It's really sad, because she is so pretty and kind. That's why it's so sad that these story is about her.

Story #1, The Voice

It happened out of the blue, all of a sudden. Not gradually, just wham! Right three in your face. We where sitting on her bed which is a huge kingsize waterbed watching a corny movie. I was visiting afterschool. Generally we don't talk, we kind of just understand each other. All of a sudden the TV turned off with a kind of cracking sound. We both jolted and the bed sloshed around. I looked at her openmouthed terror in question.
"Bella, whats up?"
"Oh god, no!" She seemed really freaked out, so I knew she wasn't messing with me.
"RUN!!" she screamed and jumped off the bed. We both ran to the door, but it wouldn't budge! We both pulled and pulled, but for some reason it wouldn't move at all. No one was home yet except us. We put our backs to the door just as the light turned off. It must have been 3:45 at least and she has two windows in her room, but it was so dark we couldn't see our hands by our face. I grabbed her arm. I whispered so quietly I doubted she heard me. "What's going on?"
"He's here." Said a voice, but it wasn't hers. It was in the middle of the room. The voice was terrible, I can't even describe it. It sounded like how I imagined the devil would. Then, about four feet off the bed I think, we saw two red dots, just hovering. Tears started streaming down my cheeks like a crack in the hoover dam.

The voice, now slightly feminine, softly said "Don't cry girls! It hurts less if you scream." I felt at most four hands no bigger than a six year olds scratching my legs, but since I was wearing pants it didn't hurt too bad, but poor bella was in shorts.
I closed my eyes tight and squeezed bella's hand. I opened them, and we were sitting on her bed, the TV playing a rerun of some reality TV show. We both were squeezing each others hands as tight and possible. We just looked at each other. Her hair was a mess and her cheeks wet with tears. The door opened and we screamed.
"Hey, hey! Settle down!" It was only Aunt peg. She asked if we were ready for dinner. She stared at us as though something was wrong, and I don't blame here, we looked like we stuck our heads in a toaster or something.

We calmly stood up and checked ourselves for any sort of cuts or bruises. Both our legs where covered with cuts and my arm was bruised like some one grabbed it. She had a knot on her head the size of an egg.
"What the H E double hockey sticks was that?" I asked.
"I'm not entirely sure."
we looked at the clock. It was 10:30 pm.

Story #2 Nameless Girl

Well, needless to say we did our best to forget it and brush it off as a one-time-thing, but we couldn't, not after this.

I was at her house a month later. It was the day after her 11th birthday. It's odd that we are so close because our age difference. I just turned 16 in February. We were just sitting in her backyard bored.

I had an ice cream cone and she had a push pop. The San Diego weather was a dazzling 90 degrees, and her house, the mobile home kind in a huge hilltopp neighborhood (We lived at the bottom of the hill) and we had just stopped playing in the baby pool. (I know, so dorky) But we heard something. Despite the sunshine, I started shivering in my bathing suit. I looked questionigly at Bella but she was looking behind me with huge, terror filled eyes and pushpop in her mouth. I looked behind me and there was a little girl. She was smiling with a sharptoothed grin. Her peircing red eyes made me feel freezing. She was in a red dress and had pale skin. In her left hand was a huge knife, like the kind that guy in Halloween carries. She was panting as though she really hated someone. Us I think. We both screamed and aunt peg ran out the back door angry as heck. "What is your problem!"
All of a sudden I wasn't cold anymore, I even felt my sunburn (Wear Sunscreen!!) We tried to tell her but she was too busy yelling at us for scaring her. "I thought there was a maniac out here!"
"Sorry auntie. We will behave."
She walked into the house. We never saw the girl again, thank the angels!

Story #3

I wasn't at her house for this one. I was reading a book at about 11:00 pm on a Saturday. I was the only one there except my mom, and in a family of six with two dogs and countless fish, this was wonderful. We had a great time, and she turned down to sleep early.

I was just sitting on the couch reading when I all of a sudden gasped. I don't know why, but I suddenly felt really creeped out. I just kept listening for something, but the silence was so complete that all I heard was my own ears ringing. The phone ringing scared the poop out of me. I picked it up halfway through the first ring.
"What's wrong?" I said. I was taken aback by my peculiar way of answering a phone.
"It's bella. Can I come over?"

Within ten minutes she walked over. As soon as she came through the door I could tell she was horrified.

She told me a terrible story. She was at a friends house spending the night about six blocks from my house, that's why it took such a short time to arrive (her house is about 2 miles away) There where five or so other girls there, and they all wanted to do something with a Ouija board. Bella firmly declined and went into another room. Five minutes later all the girls screamed and ran to her room mumbling and yelling about the cup landing on "Murder" (don't get too worked up, some one later confessed moving the cup the whole time). So they wanted to do something scarier. Bloody Mary. They all went into the bathroom, minus bella who knew better than to mess with what you don't know.

Again, they all screamed. Bella told me that all at once, the TV she was watching turned black and a woman was standing there, inside the TV! She was screaming with a vengeance. Inside the scream, Bella heard a males voice saying, "Bella, child. Come to me. I won't hurt you, not like in your room."

She told me the girl in the TV opened her arms wide. Then, as the door opened and the girls poured in, the TV popped back to the channel. The girls came into the TV room and ordered Bella to leave. They said that in the mirror they saw HER! They said she was trying to kill them, and they didn't trust her to sleep with them, so she came to my house.

I feel really bad that Poor Bella had to have such a rough life, because she is the sweetest girl and doesn't deserve it. I have thousands of stories about me, but this is my tribute to Bella, in hopes that what ever is following her stops.

Bree, CA, USA
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