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Port Perry Ghost

Brett Andrews, Ontario, Canada
April 1998

Well the story that follows is all true. I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada which is not a bad place to live. Near my town is a smaller village about a half hour away called Port Perry. It is very old and has alot of history. I've heard stories of ghost ferry's on the lake which it is situated, Lake Scugog, and others but the one that is the truth and happens nightly is this.....

A while ago in the sixties there was a man travelling home one night during a storm on his motorcycle. He was taking a small access road that lead to some cottages that everyone new about, what he didn't know was that a farmer had just recently purchased the land. The farmer had put up a barbed wire fence to keep the cattle in and bisected the road not telling anyone, he assumed they would find out. Well the man on the bike came driving along late at night and ran into the fence, not seeing it and decapitated himself. The farmer was questioned and eventually everyone forgot.

People say that if you drive along the old road at night in the opposite direction the man was travelling you'll see the light coming at you. That's exactly what I saw. Some friends and I were parked down the road watching and waiting for the light. We thought it was all a hoax, until.. well we saw it all right. It started out small in the middle of a field and than grew bigger coming closer. We all felt really cold and watched in awe. Man, I tell you I almost ran, it was scary. After about 30 seconds it faded away. Nothing. We sat there and waited to see it again. We all saw it 4 more times that night and have been back a few times since. Some nights you can see the tail light as if it's turning around. There's also a rock where his head is said to have rolled to or bounced off of. If you stand or sit on it during a rain storm you'll become either very ill or thrown from it. I have been back in the field during the day and at night and have found not a trace of anything.

The only thing that knows the truth are the trees and grasses growing in the field. True Story.

Brett Andrews, Ontario, Canada
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