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Possibly a Poltergeist

Jennifer Spengler, North Carolina, USA
July 1998

My name is Jennifer Spengler, and I have recently submitted 2 stories to this site, but those were both things that happened to me awhile back... NOW, I must tell of some things that are happening to me (and my friends) NOW!. Not much of it is outrageously scary, but a couple things have sincerely frightened me, and it ALL freaks me out a bit.

You see, I am in a band here in my home town. And I have practice on Saturday nights at the guitarist's house (the bass player also lives there.. they are roommates). Trivial info: I'm the lead singer/keyboardist, Bobby plays guitar, Matt plays bass, and we just found our wonderful drummer, Trevor. When I first started practicing there, they warned me that there might be some sort of entity there but that it had never harmed them, so I chose not to worry. I didn't even feel that any of the happenings there were worth telling until something happened there just last night (July 11, 1998).

I'll start my story by telling of the little goings on that have happened... then I'll get to what happened last night.. it all sort of builds on itself... and it's starting to make me feel that the entity (whoever it is) is getting a bit restless and really wants to be noticed.

One night at band practice, we were taking our smoke break (and our "someone grab a beer out of the fridge for me" break). All was quiet in the house except for the hum of Bobby's guitar amplifier. I was standing at my keyboard and we were beginning to discuss our new song. I heard something which sounded like talking.. like a bunch of people talking... but it sounded distant, and muffled. It sounded like a party, and for some reason, I got the feeling that it had sort of a 1920's feel to it (I don't know why, except that I happen to know the house was built around the turn of the century). I quickly shut the other guys up by saying, "Matt, is a TV on in your room?" (about the time I started talking, the noises stopped short.) Matt looked up at me. "No. Why?" I shook my head and told him I thought I heard talking. I went on to explain to him that it sounded muffled and distant. He got quiet and looked at Bobby. Bobby shrugged, and Matt said to me, "Well, I've heard that before. Many times." He went on to say that at times, he'd be in his room and hear people talking sounding as if it came from the kitchen or possibly the living room. He'd come out of his room, and as soon as he'd open his door the sounds would stop and nobody would be there.. Bobby would either be sleeping or at work. After Matt said all that, Bobby chimed in by saying "Well, I hear it too sometimes, but it never seems to be in the same room as I am, and when I go look for it, it all stops." Well, I sort of smiled, thinking it was neat to have some spirits partying in their house. And practice went on.

A couple weeks later, Bobby and Matt left me alone in the house while they made their usual evening trip to the convenience store for beer and cigarettes (this was before we got our drummer, by the way, just some trivial info..) I was in Bobby's room (I date him on and off, by the way.. more trivial info..) looking for a t-shirt to wear as it was really hot in his house (no air conditioner at all!!!) and all was happy and good when I suddenly felt something looking at me from behind me. I remember my heart just about stopped for a second and my eyes widened. I just knew something or someone was there. I have a vivid imagination, so at first I passed it off as that. I kept looking in the closet (still feeling some presence) when I heard the damned voices again... sounding just like some sort of party.. bunch of people.. talking.. laughing.. 1920's feel.. etc. But this time it got louder and louder. I stopped looking for a shirt and I just stood still, afraid to turn around, afraid to move, when I silently counted to 3, and ran my butt right out of the house. I waited for Bobby and Matt on their front porch, shaking (and, just for your info, I'm not sure they believed what I told them when they returned).

This is all that happened, until last night. I slept in Bobby's room (as I often do, because we do date on occasions, and I've always had a few too many beers to try to drive home to sleep). When we went to sleep, his room was in complete order (well, as orderly as a musician can keep a room). When I awoke this morning, however, it was a completely different story. I always keep an ashtray (a wide heavy crystal ashtray) on the floor beside my side of the bed. Well, yes, it was still there in the morning, but it had been overturned completely. Almost physically impossible to do by accident. Not only that, but there was not a single cigarette butt underneath the tray. The butts were spread around the overturned tray ... all around it. Completely encircling the ashtray. I thought it was quite odd, but I didn't think too much of it. then............. I turned to look at Bobby and I noticed that the glass bowl he puts his keys in that he keeps on his bedside table had been shattered. In pieces.. but the pieces were all on the table. And one other thing I didn't notice until Bobby later pointed it out to me... the calendar on his wall was now on the floor, and the nail that it had hung on had been turned down. But we checked, and it was still firmly stuck into the wall. Now, I don't know if one of us walked in our sleep and did all this or if the spirit(s) in his house is/are trying to let us know that they're really there. I do know, however, that the shattering of his bowl would have awoken me (at least I think it would have) but I remember feeling very well-rested this morning.

Jennifer Spengler, North Carolina, USA
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