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Post Partum Nightmares

July 2003

When I was 24 years old I had my first baby. It was a very difficult pregnancy and it ended with an emergency c- section. When I was released from the hospital after a two week stay, I was alone at home. I had no one to help me, as my husband was working.

The problems started the first night that I was home alone. I was sitting in the living room with my baby. I was talking on the phone to a coworker when my bedroom door slammed shut. My friend had heard it also, as she was asking if a burglar had gotten in. I went and checked the door and it was open, not shut. So I shut the door and sat back down in the living room. Just a few moments later I heard the same door slam again, and I mean a very loud,clear slam! I became frightened, and called my husband to come home.

This occurred late in the evening, so by the time my husband got home from work it was late. We went to bed almost immediately. I was exhausted from the fear.

My husband and my baby and I got in bed to go to sleep when my bedroom door opened. My husband saw this clearly and jumped up with his gun. When he turned the bedside lamp on he saw that there was nothing there. He lay down once again leaving the door open. After he turned the lamp back off it was just a short time later that a large black figure entered the doorway of the bedroom. As we watched it, it was as if it just disappeared from the doorway to directly in front of our faces! I grabbed the baby and screamed. My husband turned on the light again and it was gone! We left that house only to return the next day in the light. I had constant nightmares after that until the baby was one month old and then the nightmares just stopped.

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