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Premonition From My Mother

October 2002

This isn't really a ghost story, but rather a story of a premonition I received from my mother.

My mother passed away suddenly in her home last year. She hadn't been feeling well for a few days, but no one thought it was anything serious. I had been visiting for the last couple of days to see if she wanted anything or just needed some company.

On the night before she died, I dreamed that I walked into her house at noon and couldn't find her in the house. I walked into every room calling her name, but there was no answer. Finally, I saw her lying between the sofa and coffee table in her living room. The TV was on very loudly. In my dream I turned off the TV, picked up the phone and then checked the side of her house for her house number, which I couldn't remember at the moment because I was so upset. I calmly called the paramedics and gave them the information. After I hung up the phone, my mother jumped up off the floor and said "Got ya"! I woke up remembering every last detail of that dream all morning, which is weird in itself, because while I often have strange dreams, I don't usually remember them for too long after waking up. Anyway, all morning long I had a weird feeling and tried to call my mother from work, but the line was busy, so part of me figured she was OK and on the phone with a friend. Finally noon came and I was able to go to her house. I walked in, couldn't find my mother, walked through every room and finally found her lying on the floor between the couch and coffee table. The TV was on loudly, so I shut it off and went to find the phone, which was off the hook and in her hand. I picked it up and went to look at the numbers on the side of her house, and, well, you know the rest. The paramedics thought she had been dead since the night before, so I believe she was trying to prepare me for what was going to happen.

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