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Chihuahua, Mexico
March 1999

This is not a really ghost story and perhaps it isn't as scary as some others I've read. But it has been happening to me and I actually don't know how to explain it.

About two years ago, I began having "premonitions". Like I sensed something was going to happen. One day, my mom and I were at the car, waiting for the traffic lights to change, when a car hit us. Nothing really happened to us, the car just suffered a little crash. One year later, we were on the exact same street, on the same position, waiting to the traffic light to change and I remembered that accident. Suddenly, a car hit us again!! I was so scared and so surprised! I never told my mom about this, because here in Mexico we are sort of superstitious and she could have told me that I had "invoked" the accident just by thinking of it.

That was the first time it happened to me. It didn't occur again. But last month it began. One distant cousin of mine disappeared. No one knew where he was, he's family was worried, the police was looking for him, etc. I was sad too, because although we weren't really close, when I was smaller we used to play and talk. Well, one night, I had this dream that he was back. The man in my dream didn't look like my cousin, but I know it was him. I woke up and didn't give it much thought. Two days later, they found him. He was all right.

Those are the most significant things that have happened to me. There are other things that are insignificant, like for example, I am singing a song in my mind, and when I turn on the radio, the song is playing...I wonder what is it.

Thanks for reading.

Chihuahua, Mexico
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