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Pretty Sure my House is Haunted

Ray, AZ, USA
November 2019

This story is not complete but a log of what I have found so far...

The year is 2019, my sophomore year in high school, age 15. My step sister who at the time was 12, had asked me if I believed in the supernatural. Being that one kid at school and home that is obsessed with summonings, demons, ghosts, spirits and hauntings. So naturally I say "Well duh!" She leans into me, her eyes wide with secrets and excitement and whispers, "Your mom and I believe the house is haunted!" I was skeptical at first so I asked her for proof. She led me up stairs and into the loft, where she pointed to a spot on the carpet, where a deep indentation had been made. The indentation was a barefoot. It was larger than any of the girls feet but smaller than my mom's or stepdad's. That wasn't the last time something odd happened. I continuously kept smelling cologne. I asked my stepdad if he uses cologne, he told me no. I thought about asking my stepbrother, but he sleeps down stairs...

The cologne smell always showed up at the same time every night, right as I was to go downstairs. One night I woke up suddenly and found strange eyes watching me sleep, it totally freaked me out. That morning my sister woke me up, which was strange, because she wasn't supposed to be awake.

"Rachelle! Wake up!" she looked frightened, she told me I was screaming in my sleep, she said that it sounded like I was possessed or something.

I looked at her and squinted my eyes and said "There's something I need to remember but I forgot..." She just rolled her eyes and said that I needed to get ready any way.

It was later that day, in my Study Strategies class, when I dropped my book as I remembered a crucial detail. The eyes, they were all... black, which should have been impossible to see at night, but they were glowing, a strange weird glow. It is indescribable. I apologize for not enough details. The next event is what keeps me up at night, even now. That night I couldn't sleep, for fear of the noise my sister described. It was then that I heard that very noise I was trying to avoid listening to. The part that disturbed me the most was that when I looked over at my sister, she was sitting up, looking at me with those eyes that have haunted me all day.

Ray, AZ, USA
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