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Professors Ghost

August 2002

This event occured when I was a very little girl.

My parents were teachers in a boarding school. Before going away for the winter vacations, all the staff faculty was supposed to finalise a lot of things so that the next session could start without much hassles.

My sister (then 10 years old) and I had finished with the final exams and Dad used to allow us to play in the Physics lab....provided we didn't wreck any instrument!

Before proceeding further, I must tell you that the lab was on the first floor and a flight of old, rickety stone steps led to it. Inside, it was divided into two portions... one was a huge lecture room and just beside the blackboard was a wooden door that held the practical room just behind it. The lecture room was where my elder sister and I were instructed to spend our time, while my parents worked in the staff room just below the lab.

One particular day, my sister and I got really bored with playing in the dull lecture room and thus decided to explore the practical-sessions room. After a little while, we found two huge magnifying lenses and being naughty, started to focus sunlight onto a wooden table. Needless to say, it wasn't long before we could smell and see a little smoke rising. We were really engrossed in our activity, when we heard footsteps.... heavy, sure footed and getting closer to us. My first reaction was to suspect that it was a mean joke my sister was trying to pull.... but when she took to her heels and ran I realised that there was something really bad happening here!

While escaping, my sis slammed the door which separated the two rooms of the lab. The footsteps were getting nearer and nearer to me and for a split second I stood paralysed with fear. But I got over my fear and ran towards the closed door and yanked at it with all my strength. The moment it opened, I started running towards the stairs that would lead me to safety. As I crossed the threshold, I felt a transparent mass in front of me....blocking the door...but it deviated to let me pass through.

Much later, we found that the lab was haunted by a Physics lecturer who had spent all of his teaching career in the same school. Though the spirit never harmed anyone, I always feel terrified to think what could have happened that day!

Thank you for reading my story.

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