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Kristin, CA, USA
December 2001

My family moved around a lot when I was younger. Whether it was boredom or the constant search for greener pastures as the motive, I'm not sure, but upon one of our last moving trips, we ended up in Woodland Park, Colorado in a small wood-cabin style house. I hated it there more than anything. Being a city girl out in the middle of fields and forests just wasn't cutting it. The only thing I liked about this new home was the thunderstorms. The lightening and thunder were magnificent, and our house had a perfect window from which to watch it from. One night's storm in particular remains imprinted in my head forever.

I couldn't sleep very well at all that night. I kept waking up for no reason, and it was really starting to get frustrating. I decided to go out into the living room and watch the storm by the window in hopes that I'd get sleepy again. So I grabbed my blanket and tip-toed out into the living room floor and watched the lightening tear across the sky.

After a few minutes I heard a sound, like a little rustling, behind me in the kitchen. I didn't see anything when I turned my head, so I passed it off as old house noises and continued watching the storm. Again, a few minutes after, I heard a noise. This one was different though, it sounded like wood scraping together. When I turned around to see what it was, our top kitchen drawer was slid open halfway. I got up, shut it, looked around the kitchen and living room for my sneaky little brother who would take delight in such a prank. I couldn't find anyone and I didn't feel like chasing my brother around, so I sat back down. Again, about five minutes later, the same sound. I turn around while starting to yell at what I thought was my brother, but locked eyes on something that I will never get out of my mind.

The kitchen drawer was open, and standing in front of it looking down was a whitish-foggy figure of a woman. I remember trying to move or scream, but being so afraid that it was impossible. She turned and looked at me, and I could see that she was old. In her hand was something from the drawer, although I couldn't quite see what it was. I sprung to my feet and took off down towards the hallway to my parent's room. I don't remember if I was screaming, I only remember the feeling of terror choking my throat. I turned into the hallway about 20 feet from my parent's bedroom door... right where the cloudy woman was standing. I tried stopping dead in my tracks, but slipped on the hard-wood floor, crashing backwards into the hallway wall. The woman seemed to loom over me from my position on the floor, and I was beyond petrified. The figure leaned towards my face, but I couldn't scream. For some reason, I just couldn't make a sound, so I started banging on the wall with my fist hoping to wake someone up. I wish I wouldn't have done that. At this, the figure freaked out, and in a whirl of white fog it vanished. I tried to get up to run to my parents but when I stood up, the pain was so intense that I fell back down. I thought at first that I must have fallen harder than I thought, but then I figured it out. I ran my hand across my side where the pain was coming from and realized that there was a steak knife sticking out from my right side. That must have been what the woman had in her hand from the drawer. I started banging on the wall again, but I don't remember much after that. I woke up in a hospital bed.

To this day, four years later, I don't know what that was. I've tried to pass it off as my imagination or a burglar, but all the doors were locked, windows were closed, and there was no sign of break-in. And the only problem with saying that I imagined it all, or hallucinated, is that it doesn't explain the two inch scar on my right side.

Kristin, CA, USA
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