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Protecting Eyes

Kara, CA, USA
July 2000

Ihave had a couple experiences with the spirit world. They all have happened when I was alone or when everybody was sleeping. This is the first one...

It was rather late at night and I was watching television. I got up to get a soda and then headed to the bathroom. I came out and totally forgot about my soda. About an hour later I heard the soda can pop open! I was startled, being the only one up at 3 in the morning. I walked into the kitchen and found the can open and a straw in it!!

The second one happened while I was in the shower. I was washing my hair when I kept seeing the shadow of someone walking past the shower door. I would open the door and look out, naturally it would stop. Shut the door, start up again. Then I turned the water off and heard foot steps. I said out loud," Would you please let me take my shower in privacy??" Then it quit. This last one happened just the other day. I was playing on my computer when I got this feeling of being watched. No sooner did I turn around my computer got a surge of power and died. And it was a lot of electricity going through it, because I could see the streaks of light coming off the screen.

I have the understanding that who ever "he" is, is very kind yet likes to play. "He" also hides my things and just messes with my head, making me think that I'm going crazy.

Thanks for your time!!!

Kara, CA, USA
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