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Punk Rocker Ghost

June 2002

This happened to me about two months or so, I believe it was April.

I'm a big punk fan and one of my favorite bands are probably The Ramones. As some of us know Joey Ramone passed away a year ago, but, on the anniversary of his death something weird happened at my house.

The night before the anniversary I couldn't fall asleep, so I got up and went to my living room with portable CD player in hand and went to sleep. About 3 AM I woke up to music playing, I looked around not sure of what was going on, and I saw my CD player laying in the middle of the floor. But the part that really confused me was the fact I had a different CD in there, but now there was another one. The next morning I asked my brother, Jesse, if it was him pulling a prank but he told me 'no'.

That day I went home from school earlier do to me not feeling too well. My Mom came to pick me up and had taken me to the doctors. While we were leaving I noticed that my favorite necklace was missing, it was a guitar pic and said "CBGB & OMFUG" on it, the infamous punk club in New York City.

Later when I got home I found my necklace laying on the floor in my room, I picked it up and put it back on, but while I was I noticed something odd. On the back it said "JR5101" and believe me when I say this, that was NOT there when I got it for Christmas.

While I was eating dinner I showed my brother what had happened and he looked at it and said to me "Colleen, Split all that up by two: JR 51 01. I don't know what it means but its gotta mean something." It took me awhile to see what he was talking about and I figured it out, JR stand for Joey Ramone 51 stands for 1951 the year he was born, and 01 stands for 2001 the year he died.

But why me? Why did this all happen to me? I mean if it was the man himself trying to tell me something, what would it be? And plus, wouldn't he be better off lurking around CBGB and not my house.

On final note, Dee Dee Ramone also passed away this month, but the odd thing about that, the "JR" on the back of my necklace was gone the day he died, weird huh?

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