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Queen Elizabeth The First

July 2007

My friend and I were hanging out together at my apartment after school a couple years back. Most of the time we’d just sit on the couch and rant about who was the most eligible bachelor on campus, debating who was ?hot’ and who was ?not’. But that day, my friend wanted to have a go at one of my prized possessions: my Ouija board. I agreed at once.
No matter how many times I use it, or how much trouble it causes, I love my board.
So we trooped off to my room and got it down from the shelf.

Naturally, when we got it set up, the first thing she asked it was some information about a boy she was currently crushing on behind the scenes and ignoring in public. It didn’t answer her. So she asked if she could meet Queen Elizabeth. The board informed us that it would take eight minutes.
Eight minutes later, having been asking the board other things while we waited, my friend glanced up at me ? and screamed. Then she jumped up and ran out of my room. When I followed her, and asked what was wrong, she told me to put away the board and ?there is no way I’m EVER going back into your room’. Feeling very confused, I asked her why. She said that when she noticed it had been eight minutes, and looked up to tell me...there was someone standing behind me, leaning over my shoulder. At least, she could only assume there was someone, as there was a dress in a mid-1500’s design that appeared to have an invisible occupant. No matter what I said, I couldn’t convince her to go back in and try again.

Apparently, one ghostly experience was more than enough for her.

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