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Quit Poking

Vivian, Iowa, USA
January 2006

When I was a freshman at my high school, I was serving a detention alone with my favorite teacher. I don't normally get detentions, but I was blamed for constantly poking the person who sits in front of me to the point that it gets so distracting that he stood up and yelled at me. I protested and claimed that I didn't do it, but my teacher couldn't see who else it could've been since I was the only person close enough behind him to poke him without being caught.

Anyways, I was doing my Geometry homework when something started poking my side. I was really ticklish so I started giggling and my teacher just looked up at me with a look like I was crazy because I kept leaning like people do when they get poked in the side. After a few minutes, however, the poking suddenly got vicious and it felt like someone was trying to get my attention. I freaked out and just bolted out of my desk.

My teacher asked me if I was okay because it looked like I had just had some sort of seizure. I shook my head and just ran over to the side of her desk. The hairs on the back of my neck got all prickly as I leaned over my teachers desk and told her something was poking me. I thought she was going to burst out laughing from the look on her face. So she told me to sit back down and that I couldn't funny my way out of detention. I did, but the poking quit. However, I could see my teacher suddenly moving sideways in one of those wheely chairs. Finally she stood up and told me to follow her. We went down to the principal's office and she explained that the poking had happened to the both of us in an empty room and the principal just shook her head like she knew something we didn't.

An important thing to know is that a while ago there was a fire at my school and my teacher's classroom was rebuilt over the destroyed section along with a few other classrooms. The principal told us that a student hadn't made it out of the section of the building while it burned down. I was truly freaked out, and I'm pretty sure that my teacher was too. However, now I'm a junior and I still visit my teacher where she tells me of more visits from the ghost who pokes.

Vivian, Iowa, USA
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