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Racing The Devil

June 2001

My story begins on an April night, about 3:00am, I was driving home from my girlfriends house. She lives in Parma, OH and I live in Macedonia,OH about 1/2 hour away.

I was driving down Canal Rd., a road that runs along a canal (what a surprise) that was used a long time ago to ship goods between Akron and Cleveland.

Canal road is a fairly busy road during the day but at this early hour I was the only car on it. The road also doesn't have any street lights so it's quite dark and being in a low lying area there's always a little fog.

I was driving along with my high beams on when I saw a man walking along the canal side of the road. As I got closer he turned and looked at my car and I caught a look at him in the headlights. Something about him just didn't seem right. He had a very strange look on his face. I can't really explain it any better....just strange.

I drove past him a little shook up, I'm a pretty big guy and don't intimidate easy, but something about his face really creeped me out.

About a 1/2 mile or so down the road, I got a strange feeling. I looked to my left and just in the glow of my lights I saw the man I had passed a while back running along the side of my car. I thought I had to be seeing things (I was doing about 45 MPH), but the man ran just slightly ahead of my car. I could see quite clearly that it was him, except that his face (his head was turned towards me and he was looking right at me) was different, more twisted and evil looking.

I hit the gas and sped up to around 55 or 60 MPH and he kept up with me the whole time. By this time I was beyond scared, I was terrified!.

I pressed on the gas but I had come to a hill and my old car doesn't like hills too much so I didn't pick up much more speed, maybe another MPH or 2. Just as I was coming to a bend in the road another car was coming the other way, it flashed it's lights at me (I still had mine on) and I stopped looking at the man for a second or two. When I looked back, he was gone. I looked in the rear view mirror but all I could see was the tail lights of the other car disappearing around the bend. I didn't slow down until I got the intersection not far from my house.

To this day, I have no idea what this man was. The evil expression on his face still haunts me to this day. He reminded me very much of the pictures of the devil you see in those old paintings and such from the renaissance (very dark and ominous).

I told a couple people of that night but as expected, not one of them believe me. I have also since read about similar sightings from all over the country (some people claim it's everything from ghosts to the devil to alien visitors, but I just don't know).

I still drive that stretch of road occasionally and I've never seen anything else strange, but believe me, I always keep a look out.

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