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Radio From Beyond

QLD, Australia
January 2005

My wife is a teacher at a local state school in Queensland. One of her fellow teachers stayed late to work at the school one night, and heard voices coming from outside the building around 8 pm. He investigated, and found no apparent source, and went back to work, only to hear the voices again. After investigating three times, he felt it best to leave the area, but mentioned to all the teachers the next day about his experiences. A few co-workers shared similar stories, or expressed unease when going into the same area. Curiosity got the best of them, and a few teachers decided to go back one night during school holidays around the same time to investigate.

My wife begged me to come and I went despite my personal opinion that she was nuts. Near the same time the teacher originally heard the voices, a group of 6 of us were quiet with the lights turned off, and my wife said, "If there's a spirit in here, please give us a sign." After about 5 minutes of giggles, someone spilling a drink, and a horn going off in the distance, a radio in a room about 20 metres from where we were went off. I instantly thought it was an alarm, which would explain the original voices the teacher heard. The teacher who had first heard the voices, and I, ran into the other room, and found a cd player radio on. The teacher fiddled with the cd player, and eventually shut it off. We looked for but could not find a clock on the cd player. I told him to put the flashlight on the powerpoint, because I was sure there would be some sort of timer on the powerpoint. There wasn't. Although the CD player was plugged into the wall, the powerpoint was turned off. I commented to the teacher, "I think the powerpoint is turned off," and then flipped the powerpoint, and the radio started playing again. The CD player had no batteries in it.

I am a cynic, and only went to this thing against my will, but am convinced of the paranormal now, because there is no explanation for what happened at the school that evening.

QLD, Australia
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