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Realised Something

June 2006

This story is a real life experience that happened to me about two and a half years ago.

I was living in a flat in London, and a few months earlier to this event had bought an interesting wood carving of a tribal man carrying a staff and sporting dreadlocks. The object looked like it originated somewhere in Africa, was handmade, and definitely one of a kind. It caught my eye in the shop because it looked like it was totally unique, and as I had dreadlocks at the time I thought it looked a little bit like me or of my image of how I wanted to see myself, slightly primitive if you will...

I showed the object to my uncle, who made an interesting comment, "now all you need is to find him a lady friend" and to my cousin, who said he looked scary. I laughed this off but later came to think there was an evil spirit or something trapped inside.

It started to really freak me out, but I kept it as a decoration and my friends even made offerings to it, without my prompting, it was just that kind of piece.

Here's what I've realised:
One night, in a paranoid stupor, I grabbed the object and viscously broke its neck. There was a huge crack (louder than expected) and the whole room seemed to fill with wind. A swirling wind and I remember thinking "uh-oh, I've just done something I shouldn't have". The next morning I threw the head and body away, still worried about what I had done, but nothing untoward happened until a few weeks ago when I was lying in bed.

Suddenly, just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard a definite and real movement directly behind my back on the other side of the room. I was petrified! The same thing happened on a few more occasions in the next few weeks, and tonight, while trying to get to sleep at around three this morning, I had a powerful half-dream (I wasn't quite asleep, not quite awake) and I heard voices and saw terrible imagery in my minds eye. Suddenly my door unlocked from the inside, and I literally am now extremely terrified that I have unleashed a trapped spirit and that it has haunted me. I do not feel the spirit is out to get me, but I do feel it has followed me from place to place, as I no longer live in the same flat. I'm quite worried about what I may have done.

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