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Reaper Warnings

October 2002

Just before dusk, a car load of us mates, were driving on a local road towards Second Valley, for the purpose of mushroom picking.

Five minutes before we got to Second Valley Pine Forest, there is a sweeping bend which makes you look into the paddock beyond, and in that paddock, you saw two bright red eyes. We all stared as we drove by, and saw whats to be a shadowed silhouette, of The Grim Reaper. As it went out of sight we all quivered as if a ghost had walked through us. Then we asked "did you see what I saw?", in disbelief. We suggested that after we gather our harvest that we should go back and see what it was.

There were no animals, no shapes or anything that would give off that kind of silhouette.

Since that first sighting I have seen it several times in the same time and place, doing the same thing, which makes me wonder whether the reaper was giving us a ominous warning of a possible death by eating poisonous mushrooms?

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