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Reciprocal Demon

Amy, California, USA
January 2000

This is one of the most chilling stories that I have ever heard. It actually happened to my sister's boyfriend's father (I'll call him Bill) when he was a teenager.

It seems that he and his best buddy were hanging out one evening, doing what your average teenagers do, i.e. drinking beer and listening to music. They were sitting across from one another in a dimly lit family room. The night wore on, and it was getting very late. Suddenly, Bill looked over at his friend and saw what appeared to be the face of the Devil imposed upon his friend's face! He was terrified, but was too frightened and confused to tell his friend what he had just seen. They sat in silence until he could stand it no longer and he finally said, "There's something that I have to tell you." His friend replied, "I already know what you are going to say." Bill was bewildered, but his friend continued, "You were about to say that you saw the face of the Devil on my face." Bill was stunned. He said, "How did you know that?" To which his friend replied, "I know because...I just saw the same thing on yours."

Amy, California, USA
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