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Anonymous, CO, USA
October 2010

This story did not happen to me, but it was told to me by my mother. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. However my mom was born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. She and her sisters and brothers were born on the reservation (a lot of people call it the "rez" for short). Because of all massacres that happened (plus all the other deaths from things like famine, disease, and the weather) it's believed that most places (not all) are haunted by different kinds of...well "things". My memory is kinda rusty, since these stories were all told to me a while ago.

As my mother tells the story, "Me and your auntie Robin were house sitting for one of our aunts one day (for those of you who don't know, the house in these small cities are sometimes miles apart, especially that long ago), nothing bad had happened and it was sunset so we decided to sit on the porch and wait for her to come home so we could get paid and go home. We looked down the dirt road (to see if she was coming) suddenly I saw something huge and white come walking down the street. As it got closer we ran back inside, shut the door and locked it. Because when it got closer we saw its face, it looked just like a polar bear except that it had no snout and no face like it had been shaved down and the only thing remaining were two big blood red eyes along with bony skeleton face.

"The other story takes place on Hamburger Hill which according to most of the people I talked to is actually haunted and no matter how sunny it is outside always seems to remain foreboding and dark. During the winter me and your uncles and aunts would go up to Hamburger Hill and sled down.
Your grandma always told us never to stay there late or that something bad would happen to us. Apparently a fight broke out between two men (not really sure on what started it) and they met on the hill to finish the fight. One man brought a knife and the other brought a hammer. According to the story the man with the hammer won and pounded the other man's face out like hamburger meat. So my mom and siblings had the genius idea of calling the hill Hamburger Hill and the thing that haunted it Hamburger Man (they were teens at the time).

"One day we were sledding down the hill, and we were having so much fun that we lost track of time. The sun started to set and most of my brothers and sisters went home (they said that they were starting to get scared). The only people left were me, your uncle fuzz (which is a nick name), your aunt Lavina, and your uncle Dan. As I was coming back up to the top of the hill I noticed something standing under the tree at the top. It looked like a man except for the fact that his face was completely smashed and looked like raw hamburger.

"So we decided to race it and see how fast it was. We would sled down the hill and at the middle of the hill it would disappear. It was late at night and my brothers wanted to go one last time before we went home. They piled onto the sled and started down the hill. Except this time it didn't stop at the middle of the hill... It chased them all the way down to the bottom of the hill and kept RUNNING. My brothers crashed into a tree at the bottom and we ran all the way home."

Well that's the end of my story, again this wasn't my story it was my Mom's and she swears that it's all true. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous, CO, USA
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