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Red Eyes & Others

Avadhut Chiplunkar, Maharashtra, India
September 2005

I am a scientist with a firm in Pune, Maharashtra, India. I am a masters degree graduate from an esteemed university in Mumbai. Gist is that, I am a person with scientific sense and not a believer in blind superstitions like ghosts. Some experiences suggest otherwise.

In Kirloskarwadi, 40 km off Sangli (a district place), I was frightened when I was 5 and saw white circles flying low over our house (a simple roofed house). We had a tamarind tree (known traditionally in India as harboring spirits). A pair of red eyes stared at me (as well as my brother) from atop the tree. We were terrified at first but later actually got used to it!!!

In Warananagar, where I studied (off the city of Kolhapur), I had another encounter with the unexplainable.

Just opposite bungalow of MLa, Vinay Kore (I am giving details so as people, especially if from somewhere around could actually verify) there is a two storey house. Lower room of the house is rented out to students. All students in that room heard a steady monotonous whistle. All including me searched the entire area for any bird or any other source of sound. At one occasion we even burst 5 big fire crackers to scare away anything that may make that eerie sound but no avail. The height of this was once I had been at that room to sleep. Around 1 AM when we were about to sleep, I said I do not hear the whistle. Sure enough next moment it started and I felt it coming nearer. But by now I was sure it was harmless, possibly just meant to scare.

At one occasion only me and my Mom (independently) experienced a very pleasant smell on a journey from Warananagar to Sangli (where I stay) when we changed 4 vehicles. When I reached Sangli, my mom, who was sitting at other end of the public transport bus asked me if I was getting a beautiful smell and LO!!! I exactly described the smell she was getting!!! It never happened again. We questioned about 15-20 people in that bus about the beautiful smell ... not one had experienced it.

An armored man riding a magnificent black horse always haunts me in my dreams as well as a place called Rouen (seems to be some french or German place, phonetic spelling). Anyone from Europe, do you know of some battle at that place (or anything similar) or of any Duke d' Lusignan (again phonetic spelling) who fell in the battle.

Avadhut Chiplunkar, Maharashtra, India
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