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Red Eyes (1)

July 2005

My experience is 100% true. Some people may not believe that coming from a 14 year old like myself, but I know what I saw and I wouldn't lie about it.

This happened a couple of months ago. I was in bed, trying to sleep. Around that time I had been having trouble getting to sleep quickly which is sort of unusual for me. I had my eyes closed and was in a sort of half asleep, half awake phase. As I laid there I started to feel like something was a bit out of the ordinary.

I opened my eyes and slowly adjusted to the darkness (I sleep with no lights on and with my door closed so no light was coming into the room whatsoever). I turned over to face the wall and everything seemed normal before I got frozen with fear. On the wall there were red eyes staring at me. They were shaped like the kind of eyes that cartoon villains have on their masks. I kept watching them and couldn't stop. After what seemed like half an hour (which was probably only 30 seconds) I tore my eyes away and hid under the covers the rest of the night and eventually got to sleep.

The strange thing is, my sleeping difficulties ended there but maybe that's just coincidence. Also I want to note that in my room, there is another door that leads to my brother's bedroom. This door is next to my bed and exactly where I saw the eyes. Maybe it came from my brother's room. I have no idea, but when I did share a room with him I had terrible nightmares with ghosts and other scary things trying to get me.

Maybe all of it comes down to an "overactive imagination" like my mother says but I think there's something more than that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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