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Reflection (2)

New Zealand
December 2000

Although I have had many experiences of my own, the one I am about to tell you (which is true, I might add) is not my own.

A very close friend of mine was born in Korea and lived there until about the age of twelve. This story took place at a school camp she was at just before she left the country.

She was sharing a tent with another girl...her best friend at the time. She was woken up in the small hours by her friend claiming that she needed to use the toilet...which was 100m away from the tents. Like all young girls, she didn't like the idea of walking over alone, so she asked my friend to accompany her. As it was dark and cold my friend decided not to do the honourable thing, and told her to go alone.

When her friend returned she commented that although it was dark in the toilets, she had still been able to see her reflection in the mirror, which had startled her a little bit. She went on to say how strange she had looked, appearing very pale and not like herself.

The two of them didn't think any more of it and drifted back off to sleep.

The next morning, upon waking up, they both ventured off to the toilets together. What do you think they found?...

...there was no mirror in the toilets!

New Zealand
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