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Rent Money Mystery

September 2003

This was an incident experienced by my grandmother...

My father died suddenly in 1998. At the time he was working for my uncle collecting rent monies from property he owned.

At the time of my father's death he had collected around $2000 cash. My grandmother went to my father's trailer to get the money, but couldn't find it anywhere. Now this is a smaller than small trailer. She looked everywhere to no avail and was worried sick for my uncle's sake. She is the type of person who would have paid him back even though the loss was no fault of her own.

She went back at least twice and found nothing. She especially made a point to look on a table in the front room where my dad kept his letters and projects.

Grandma decided to go back one more time. On this final visit she once again looked to the table by the door. The money was sitting in the middle of the table in plain view. No need to search again with a fine tooth comb.

It was just not possible for her to have missed it on previous visits. The trailer was locked and is right behind my grandparent's home. No one could have gotten in without being seen or heard as the entrance faces their house.

As a Christian, I don't believe it was the ghost of my dad, but, perhaps a guardian angel? Whatever it was, we were grateful!

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