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Renting A House Can Be Interesting

Aleria, Victoria, Australia
December 2003

This isn't really a horrifying ghost story, more just an account of some strange occurrences. I am Wiccan, and have had several "Interesting" experiences in the last few years.

I live with my boyfriend, and for the last three years, we have been renting, which means a lot of moving around for us.

In our first house, in Doveton, we shared with a friend, Alex. I visited his family home with him and his girlfriend once, and found that I couldn't go into his bedroom. I physically felt ill in there. No biggie, thinks I, just an energy that doesn't want me here. So I left.

Shortly after we moved into another house with Alex, we started to hear someone running up and down the hallway at odd intervals. We also heard a small child crying often, and voices, as if a man were talking to himself in the hallway. Alex explained this to be an energy that looked out for him, which we all accepted as not being too unusual. The next house that we moved into, my cat would NOT go into the lounge room until i had cleansed and blessed it from the previous tenants. Whether or not you believe in that sort of thing, it's interesting that she wouldn't go where her food was! We found out from a neighbour across the road (a God fearing Catholic Cub Scout leader) that the previous tenants had been noisy, and violent, with the police often being called.

The next house (Yes, there have been a few!) was where the most obvious occurence happened.

I was sitting with some friends, talking about the occult, when our old twin tub washing machine decided to turn itself on. Yet again, no biggie, thinks I, until I get up to turn it off and find that it was unplugged, and the spinner lid was up. Now those of you that have owned an old twin tub will know that in general, they were built with the saftey precaution of not being able to turn the spinner on unless the lid is closed. Our machine definitely had this precaution. So not only had it turned on with the lid open, and not plugged in, but it hadn't been plugged in for over a week, as it had BROKEN DOWN AND WOULD NOT WORK!! The engine had, as my mechanic boyfriend put it, given up the ghost! The machine did this several times in the next week, every time when we were discussing energies, ghosts, or spirits. Finally it stopped, and we put it out of our minds.

The house we are living in now is in Chelsea, Melbourne. It is a very old beach house (almost decrepit!). Our new flat mate seems to have the 'ability' of attracting energies to herself unconsciously, as strange things have been happening here too. I cannot walk into the hallway that her room comes off without shivering, and my cat categorically refuses to go down there at all! She hisses and runs away from it quite often, after attempting to stare down things that can't be seen.

We're getting used to all of this, slowly. But if this sort of thing happens to anyone else, try to remember, in three years, no one has ever been hurt, or so scared that they couldn't run away!!! lol.

Aleria, Victoria, Australia
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