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Repenting Grandfather?

November 2003

15 years ago I met my, now ex, husband. We were only teenagers and every Sunday morning I would catch an early bus to go see him. One particular Sunday, his parents had gone out and we were watching TV in his room. I became aware of someone standing in the doorway and turned to look. I caught a glimpse of grey hair and the coats on the door were swinging on their hooks, as the person knocked them. Thinking we had an intruder, my boyfriend jumped up and ran out to confront them. There was no one in the house.

We went outside to hang his work clothes on the washing line and both of us distinctly heard the microwave bell sound. We investigated and the microwave was in fact unplugged! To our alarm we heard loud stomping footsteps thudding in the bedroom above. Again we ran to investigate to find empty rooms. As we looked at each other in puzzlement, we heard a loud clattering coming from the kitchen, like someone rummaging through the cutlery drawer. Yet again, no one was around.

His mother said she always heard someone in the house during the day and had grown used to it. Then smells began to drift around the house; usually of onions, but one day it was like Christmas Pudding!

I often came downstairs while the house was empty, to find the cat arched up in the lounge, hissing at an unseen entity. Then one day I finally saw him. My boyfriend's mother always assumed it was the ghost of her young son she had lost over 10 years before. I always felt it was an older person and one night I was proved right. I had only just gone to bed after my husbands family had a row that I didn't wish to be involved in, when I saw smoke by the curtains. I thought a cigarette had been left in the ash tray, but then I noticed that the smoke was motionless. Then I realised the 'smoke' had a face! It was an old man, with sharp, narrow features. I didn't recognise him and he drifted slowly passed me, bringing a sense of calm, but sorrowful feel about him. I saw a picture of my boyfriend's grandfather and instantly recognised him as the apparition I'd seen.

Years later we discovered that his grandfather had indecently assaulted my boyfriends sisters when they were 8 or 9 years old; maybe this is the reason that his spirit is still grounded?

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