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Restless British Souls

Emily Tan, Singapore
December 2002

Hi guys out there, if you had picked out my story to read you are right. I'm going to feature you a story related to me by my mum. Okay, here goes......

You see, this story took place in the 1960's..which is quite a long time ago. My mum and her family were not that well- off like you people out there living in houses. She lives in a flat like how most people live in Singapore. Her flat is not like the big flats we have here in Singapore. Its a cramp flat which is so miserable to live in. So miserable that her sisters and her were forced to sleep on the floor.

So, the spooky part begins now.

One night, she was sleeping on the floor with her sisters. For some reason, she woke up . I have no idea why she woke up. She was getting up when out of the corner of her eye she saw an Indian man sitting on the ledge of the window. Its really not possible because the ledge is less than two centimeters! She was shocked! She thought the man was a burglar. So she shook her sister beside her. Her sister did not respond to her and continued her sleep. The second time she turned to look at the ledge, the man vanished. She had then realised that it was a ghost.

Another incident was:

One day she was sitting on the creaky wooden staircase. She had heard some creaky noise coming from it. She was very curious about this and one day her curiosity was being answered. It was the restless souls of the British soldiers who occupied the place my mum was staying in....

Many years ago the British were killed there. So, is the man sitting on the ledge of the window linked with the creaky staircase? Who knows?.

Thanks for reading my story. This is a true story. I don't think my mum has so much time to make up a story and scare me right?

Emily Tan, Singapore
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