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Illinois, USA
July 1997

There is a legend around these towns of a lady who is buried in the middle of the woods located in farm land.

The legend is that a young lady, named Rhoda, went crazy, some say due to sickness, some say due to hatred for her husband. Her husband was having a dinner party, back in the mid 1800's. Rhoda went insane and tied everyone to chairs and burned them all alive. The burial site, as I said is in the middle of the woods. For years it has been a major attraction for local teenagers to venture there after sunset. They say that if you fall in a hole, she has planned your death.

About a month ago a friend and I had ventured there during the day. We were curious as to what it looked like. There was nothing abnormal about it. It was a rather normal summer day. Extremely hot and humid. It was a clear day, it was even sticky in the woods. We had carved our names in the headstone at night, the summer before. We stepped by her grave to lay flowers at her headstone. It was suddenly that high winds picked up and we both became terrified. Yet, we could not move from the spot. We were mesmerized by what was happening. The wind died down and we ran.

Later that week at a slumber party a bunch of us girls decided to go there after midnight. Some had never been there before. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. We then drove back to a friends house where we all decided to stay in their portable camper. For fun we got out my Ouija board. After talking to a few spirits normally, we wiped the board to get something new. The new spirit then took over, we asked for a name and it said "evil." We thought nothing of it until it yelled and said that I would be cursed with bad luck. I once again asked who it was. She then stated her name as Rhoda. My friend raised her hands from the oracle, yet the oracle flew off of the board and hit me in the face. I yelled for a sign. From the corner of my eye I saw a fly swatter, five feet away from anybody spinning circles on it's nail, across the camper. I was absolutely consumed by fear. I am not one to show emotions but tears began to roll down my face. My friend then stood up and screamed. Her scream was one of terror. It sent chills down all of our spines. She then collapsed. We had to drag her out of the trailer, and outside, into the rain. It took us half an hour to revive her from this state of unconsciousness. To this day she does not know what happened after she saw the fly swatter. Nobody to this day knows exactly what happened that night. I still cry to think about it. None of us have talked about it since, and the Ouija board is still in the camper.

Illinois, USA
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