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Ring Of Fire

Chad Ketcher, Oklahoma, USA
July 1998

rowing up I lived in the house that had been passed down to us from my great grandparents. My great grandfather had passed away in my room and I belive that might just be the reason for this event occuring.

It happened when I was about ten years old. I went to bed one night a little under the weather, which may have had something to do with my dream, if it was a dream, but I doubt it. I dreamt that in the middle of the night I woke up to find this glowing red demon with fangs floating through my room and laughing at me. I was frozen with fear. He didn't try to hurt me, he just continued floating towards my closet. It was one with two sliding doors. As he reached the closet the figertips on his right hand lit up in flames. He motioned with his left hand for one of the doors to open, and without him actually touching it, it flew open and he stared at me with the most evil red eyes and laughed. He then shot a flame out of his right hand and the flame hit the floor in the closet, he made a ring of fire on the floor and then just disappeared, but the ring of fire remained. I was horrified. The next thing I remember is waking up to find the closed door shut, and no fire inside. I was relieved, but not for long. About a week later I went into my room, the closet door still shut, and I opened it to look for one of my toys, but what I saw next scares and confuses me to this day. In the exact spot where the demon had made the ring of fire, I found my cat lying dead. Both doors were shut, and I couldn't understand how he got in there. Was the demon in my dream trying to warm me, or was it really a dream at all.

Chad Ketcher, Oklahoma, USA
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