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Rising Ghost

Amanda Wilson, Ontario, Canada
March 2002

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda, I am 12 years old and I live in Newcastle, Ontario. My bedroom is right at the top of the stairs to the right. One night I had stayed up late watching some movies and I was really tired so I went to sleep right away.

My parents bedroom and my younger brothers (Jake who was 6) room were both right side by side across the hall from my room. My brother is a heavy sleeper and doesn't wake up easily at all. My parents had their door shut and couldn't hear me if I screamed until the cows came home (figure of speech, which ties into the story). Anyways, I had drank alot of pop and hadn't gone to the washroom before I went to sleep, as I usually did. I got up at around 1:00 am and went to the washroom. The kids washroom on the upstairs level of our house was around the corner and down the hall from my room. I went to the washroom, washed my hands and slowly shuffled back to my room. I got into bed and rolled over on my side and closed my eyes.

About 5 minutes after I fell asleep I heard a sound that sounded like air being pumped into a basketball! I opened my eyes and looked on the other side of my bed. At first I thought that it was my other younger brother, Brandon, climbing into my bed because he had been sleeping and had a nightmare. I opened my eyes and continued to tell him to stop it but when I looked no one was there and my blankets were rising in the form of a person. I tapped on it and it felt as solid as a rock! I sat on it to see what would happen and was thrown across my room and when I turned around my blankets instantly flattened.

My other experience occured when I had just gotten home from school. When I was young, around the age of 3 my cat, Tigger, died. After that I received a plate that sits on the wall of my room with a picture of a cat that looked exactly like my cat. After school that day I went to my room and looked at the bottom of my door because I had dropped my notebook and a white mist float under my door. Thinking I was only tired I ignored it. Just then I looked up to admire the plate when I realized in shock that the cat was missing. I looked behind me I saw 2 red eyes and then a body appeared. Not so scared I only stared and so did the cat. Then the cat pounced. With the cats claws about 1 cm away from my face it swerved up and jumped back into the plate. Of corse I didn't tell my parents because they wouldn't believe me at all.

Amanda Wilson, Ontario, Canada
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