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Robed Figure

New Zealand
August 2007

A couple of years ago I was at my friends house watching a rugby match. My friends house is not that big but he had quite a lot of ad- ons being built at the time. My friend and I went outside to play at half-time as we were getting quite bored, and we needed some fresh air. This was when it all began.

We went out the back door and into his garden where a little shed was being put up, it was half finished but my friend and I decided to have a cometition to see who was the bravest. My friend went in first and he stayed in it for around 2 minutes saying "It was'nt that scary but it was really cold inside", so I took my turn. As soon as I entered the temparature dropped dramatically and I literally started shivering even though it was a hot summers night and I had a sweater on. I managed to stay in there for a bit longer than my friend though I kept looking over my shoulder as I felt that someone was watching me from the darkest corner of the shed. Thankfully I scrambled out and the warm night air immediatley blew away my fear.

My friend and I played around for a while before returning inside to watch the 2nd half of the rugby when my friend suddenly realised he had dropped a $10 note in the shed when he had been in it so he went outside to retrieve it and I followed. After he had retrieved it he quickly ran inside to fetch something saying "Wait here i'll be back in a moment with this new toy I got", so I sat there waiting for him.

After about a minute I noticed something moving from over in the corner by the shed so I got to my feet and looked over at the corner thinking it was a cat or dog, but what was actually there was a huge robed figure seemngly floating out of the corner towards me. I stood frozen in fright as it slowly moved dragging its robe along the ground. I slowly began backing away but before I could began to run the thing suddenly pulled down it's hood and where its face should have been there was just a pair of bloodshot eyes with no nose and a tiny slit for a mouth. I ran as fast as I could for the door and locked it as I got in just as my friend was about to come out, I told him about everything and I persuaded my Dad to leave right away.

From then on I only invited that friend around to my house and I never went round to his house again.

A few years later we visited the house again as my friend had finally persuaded me that it was over and 'the thing' wasn't there anymore, I said that was fine as long as I didn't have to stay the night or go into his back garden where the shed was, and he agreed.

That night as my Dad was coming to get me and my friend saw the figure staring at us with his hood pulled down through the shed window and we just freaked and we ran to his dad and my friend asked if he could stay the night at my house so I asked my Dad when he arrived and he said yes. As we were driving away I could swear I looked at the gate and there was the figure standing there looking at me with his bloodshot eyes. I have never gone back to my friends house but I am still good friends with him.

New Zealand
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