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Robin and the Mimic Demon

Curtis Donihoo, TX, USA
October 2012

I met Robin back in the summer of 2001. She is a devout Christian as am I, and we had many interesting discussions on ghosts, Demons, and God. Little did I know that she dealt with demons on a regular basis. She dealt with what I call a Mimic Demon. A Mimic Demon is a demon that can mimic voices of people we are familiar with. It does this to trick its victims into false security.

I can remember my first time going to her house. I was sitting in Robins room playing on the computer. Robin stepped out to use the bathroom and I kept playing on the computer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought was Robin sitting on the edge of the bed. It was a dark black figure about Robins size. I figured it was dark because I was seeing it at the corner of my eye. I kept playing on the internet and I talked to it as if it were Robin. It never spoke back. I thought nothing of it until Robin walked into the room. I quickly turned and saw that nobody was on the edge of the bed. I told Robin what had happened and she didn't act surprised. She told me that her house was haunted. She acted like it was no big deal. Then she started telling me stories about her experiences with the demon. She told me that once she woke up and felt as if she was being choked. She couldn't move her arms or legs. She was gasping for air and started levitating over the bed. She quickly yelled "Jesus Christ". The demon let her go and she fell back on the bed.

She told me of a time her dad woke up under his bed. He had no knowledge of how he got there. She told me of a time when she was showering and she heard her dad come in the front door. She heard her dogs barking and her dad was talking to the dogs. She quickly showered and got dressed and went to say hi to her dad. When she got out of the bathroom their was nobody there and the dogs were sleeping.

I remember one night Robin and I were going to hang out when I got off of work. As soon as I got off work I called Robin but my phone was working. When I called her it said emergency calls only. My phone had screwed up like this before so I thought nothing of it. I sent a text to Robin but got no reply. When I arrived home Robin was parked in front of my house and she was asleep. I knocked on the window and she screamed. She looked terrified. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she had to pick up something at the church her dad had left there. Her dad had told her about the church supposedly being haunted like their house. Well Robin decided to be brave and went and sat in the pew in the pitch dark. She started to hear footsteps. Then she started to feel faint. She quickly ran to the door and as she closed it she heard her dad's voice. The voice said, "Hey baby." Her dad always calls her baby.

I remember my friend Ricky and I visited Robin and Ricky heard the Mimic Demon. Ricky and I were talking to robin in the kitchen when all of the sudden Ricky wandered off to her dad's room. He came back and he had this terrified look on his face. He said, "Lets get out of here right now."

Robin and I asked him what was wrong but Ricky didn't answer. We ended up leaving and when we got down the road Ricky finally told us why he was acting so strange. He said, "Robin I heard your dad talking in his room but he was nowhere in sight."

As of now the Mimic demon has left Robin alone. Its been years since an incident has occurred. Nobody knows why it came nobody knows why it's gone. But then again Demons are always unpredictable.

Curtis Donihoo, TX, USA
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