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Rock Chapel

Shay N, Louisiana, USA
May 2000

The following is a true story that happened in the Summer of 1984.

All through Highschool my friends and I heard this story about an old haunted church. Supposedly the church was home to 12 Nuns and Monks, the Nuns were raped and all were brutally murdered. Their bodies were discovered strewn about the small yard in front of the chapel. Myself, my best pal Bobby and our friend Tonya went in search of Rock Chapel. We didn't know the exact location just the road it was on. That road was a dead end that led into the middle of the woods. There was a trail that led farther into the woods so we decided to see where the trail ended. By the time we found Rock Chapel it was dark outside. The trail ended at a small bridge wide enough for a single person to cross. We safely crossed the bridge and began to investigate. There were 12 headstones total, 6 on either side of a stone walkway leading up to the chapel. We shone our flashlights on the headstones but were unable to make out any of the writing. There was nothing else, just 12 graves, the final resting-place for the unfortunate Rock Chapel residents.

The chapel was made of stone, The door was open about halfway and with one last peek around the headstones, we went inside. The inside was tiny, and also empty. There were no lasting remnants of the history those walls held. The chapel was completely empty. We were inside maybe five minutes. I was a bit peeved that we had made this trip for nothing. (This is where things get pretty weird.) We decide to leave since it appeared that the legend was false. We didn't realize that we weren't alone until we exited the chapel. Perched atop each headstone was a red lit candle! Somebody was trying to scare us and it was working. We shone our flashlights all over the surrounding woods and saw no one. We listened expecting to hear someone running away, we heard nothing. There was no reasonable explanation for those candles! Understand we were in the chapel for maybe 5 minutes. There just wasn't enough time for someone to have put all those candles there and leave without making a sound. We ran for the tiny bridge, made it safely across and back down the trail. We paused a moment to catch our breaths and to verify that we had all seen the same thing. This is where we noticed lights moving towards us from both sides of the trail and from behind, there were no sounds of footsteps crunching dried leaves, etc. How were these people or whatever moving without making a sound and believe me there were a bunch of them! It wasn't possible. The lights looked like the flicker of a candle. We ran faster and so did they. I can't describe the terror we felt; there was a definite evil in the air.

We made it to the car and by that time the lights had caught up with us. We jumped in the car, locked the doors and began to back out. There was no place to turn around so we made our escape in reverse. Whatever was out there was closing in on all sides of the car. We made it to the main road and the lights disappeared as quickly as they came. We never went back and never told anyone what we saw that night at Rock Chapel.

The murders happened around the early 1900's and it's said that the case was never solved. Do you think that the spirits of the Monks and Nuns return to light candles in death as they did in life?

Shay N, Louisiana, USA
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