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Rocking Winds

Allie, Florida, USA
April 2000

I'm writing this story in the hopes that someone will hear it and believe what I'm saying, for I've faced too much ridicule on account of my supernatural experiences.

I've always had a sensitivity to the spirits of the dead, but one afternoon I experienced something that exceeded all my previous encounters.

I was out in my garden planting liriope and enjoying the clean afternoon air. It was about 2:00 p.m.The sun was warm and inviting. Not the typical setting for a ghost to appear. In the midst of my work, I felt a slight breeze blowing behind me. I didn't think anything of it at first. But it persisted. I looked up to the trees in the back of my yard. They weren't moving. In fact, nothing was moving. Not even the grasses and plants around me, but the breeze was blowing. It was as if it blowing only on me, missing the rest of the world. I decided to ignore it and finish my work. But it began to blow a bit harder. And still nothing else was moving. I heard or rather felt someone breathing behind me. Now, my garden is a good bit away from my back porch, but I saw this as well I could. I looked to my back patio and saw the very faint apparition of what seemed to be an old woman. She was sitting in my rocking chair, staring at me.
I called to her, not really expecting an answer. The wind stopped. She stopped rocking. She smiled at me and disappeared, leaving only a faint outline of her spirit and me being very curious.

I had no idea who this woman was. So, I did some research. As it turns out she was a woman that used to tend to the gardens when of my house during the 20's. She died lying in the same place I had planted my roses just a day ago.

Allie, Florida, USA
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