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Running Shoes

July 2003

Dear readers,
I know this may sound totally nuts, but it really happened.

On the night of July 11th, 2003, at about 10:30 PM, my son: age 20 and I were driving home. I had picked him up at his job, and we were driving home chatting between ourselves, about our work day, like we always do.

As we came to a curve in the street, we both simultaneously noticed a glowing ball of light flash in front of the car, not traveling in a straight line, but rather wobbly and moving very quickly. I slammed on the brakes not knowing what it was, but not wanting to hit it. The light, about the size of a softball, came to the edge of the street, turned around, flew straight up to about the height of the trees at the edge of the street, and then back down. As it came down to about 5 feet above the ground, the ball of light changed into a human form, as quickly as flipping a light switch. The interesting thing about this form was that it was only half of a human, from the waist DOWN!!! It seemed to be the form of half a woman, running into the street. It was wearing black running shorts, tanned legs, a pair of folded-down white sport socks, and a pair of black running shoes with white stripes, there was nothing at all from the waist up, simply nothing, like thin air above the waist band of the shorts.

I stared in disbelief as the form stepped out underneath the streetlight and then again, like a light switch being flipped, it transformed again into a thing like a small puff of smoke and then was instantly gone.

I shook my head, rubbed my eyes and said to my son, "I must be more tired than I thought, my eyes are playing tricks on me." He looked at me and said, " I saw it too, I was just about to say 'watch out!'... 'something is in the street', when you hit the brakes." I asked him to describe what it was that he saw, and he told me that he had also seen the half of a human woman, dressed just as I described in this story.

Every hair on my body stood on end, and I took my foot off the brakes and continued down the street, the last few blocks toward our home. It lasted only a brief instant, but was very vivid and real to each of us...and appeared the same to each of us.

That night I had nightmares that I had hit the thing, and then had to tell the police why there was just half a body in the road...I had to tell them that there had always just been half a body, and they did not believe me. I can imagine that I would not believe that either, if I were the officer.

I guess it shook us both up quite a bit. We have no idea what, or whom it happened to be.

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