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Runs In The Family (1)

Abi, UK
April 2002

My Mom always used to say that she could see a young boy, usually in the kitchen of our house. I know that she would never lie about anything like that. Also it would be most days, not just every so often. We moved to a different house, and she hasn't seen him since. She is also a strong believer in ghosts.

At the house we live in now, I have had many encounters. I was in my room talking to my friend on the phone, and out of nowhere, a freezing cold breeze was in my room. I could feel it moving round in front of my face. I couldn't have been imagining it as I was on the phone to my friend, like I said, describing what was happening. This has happened twice, and both times my windows and my door were shut tight (I checked this while it was happening, and it still didn't stop).

Both my sister, when we are alone in the house, and I can hear footsteps and doors slamming shut.

My Mom has had another experience. Her job is to go round inspecting houses or flats. One time, she went into a house and many strange things happened. She was alone and she felt something brush past her arm, and just that arm came up in goose bumps. She walked into the master bedroom, and when she went in there a second time, the light bulb had fallen to the floor and not smashed. When Mom got back to her office, she played the Dictaphone (It had been playing all the way through) she could hear voices on the tape. It was only mumbling so she couldn't make out what they were saying. Not thinking anything of it, she erased the tape, then realising what had happened.

Our dog also seems to have experiences!!! We see her looking at the air, but we never see anything. Also she has starting shaking, and when doing this, she pants. She rarely stays downstairs, and likes mine and my brother's room (not the same room). If we shut all the doors that lead upstairs, she goes into my Moms room, and normally under her bed. She does this in my sister's room too.

Thank you for reading my story. Sorry if it was too long or jumbled. Feel free to e-mail me here with any comments about my encounters. I would love to hear your stories too!

Abi, UK
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