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Runs in the Family (2)

New Mexico, USA
June 1998

This is kind of hard to explain...but here goes...

When I was eight my mother, stepfather, sister and I moved into a new house. We bought the house from my step uncle, who had been married once before he married my aunt. The house was great and looked perfectly normal. Then when I was about eleven I noticed that when I was alone I felt like someone else was there. About the time that I started to feel this way I became severely depressed and started to cut on myself with razor blades. Then one day sitting in my room, (no one else was in the house) I saw a man walk by my room, he was wearing a long trench coat and a dirty, torn cowboy hat. He looked like a product of the 1800's. I was really scared by this time. Then, he walked by again, only now he stopped in my doorway and looked at me. He looked scruffy and unshaven. He then proceeded to walk into my room and stopped at the foot of my bed. He said to me that he loved me and he would never let me leave. Then he disappeared into the air. Over the next year or so I had many experiences like this one which caused me to feel like a prisoner and I was terrified to go into my room. Then my mother told us (my sister and I) that she was anorexic. As part of her treatment she told the rest of our family. Upon hearing this, my step uncle turned completely pale and almost passed out. When asked what was wrong he told us of his first wife, who died in my mothers room from anorexia. Then he told us of his daughter, who was hospitalized because of depression. When I talked to his daughter, she told me that she had seen a man in her room (which was now the same one I had) and that he told her he would never let her leave. Unable to accept the idea that this was all coincidence, we went to the library to research the house. We found that a man living with his wife and daughter in the house had killed his wife in my mothers room. We also found that he apparently killed her because she tried to leave him with their daughter...his comment on this was only one statement, "I told her I wouldn't let her leave".

New Mexico, USA
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