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S-H-E And The Stairs

Russell, Massachusetts, USA
June 2006

I was seven years old when I saw my first ghost. I was sleeping on the couch across from my step-father (at the time). I woke up to someone talking to me in my ear I turned and looked into the archway that crosses between my kitchen and my living-room. There was a man there in brown pants and a flannel shirt buttoned-down and he had a wife-beater on under that. I couldn't see his face, just his eyes, they were brown. I got up and turned away thinking he was an intruder, but when I turned around he wasn't there. I described the man to my mother (of course this man was in my "dreams") she pulled out a picture of my dead great-uncle, we all called him "Uncle". In the picture, he was wearing the same clothes as I had seen him in. Now, after this incident there really hasn't been anything in my house that has been big enough to call it haunted, until that one night.

My room was located on the second floor of my house and the end of the stairs was right in front of my mother's room at the bottom. Every time I walked up the stairs to get into my room I would get this weird feeling as if someone was watching me. I would then skittishly run up the stairs quickly glancing behind me to see if someone was watching me go up the stairs. I thought it was just one of the stupid fears that you have when you are a child like the dentist, doctors, or a poodle. This feeling of unease never ended I would do the same routine constantly for quite awhile.

One night I was home by myself, watching a movie and enjoying some leftover KFC. As I was sitting on the couch, my spine tingled and the hairs on my arms stood up. A cold draft passed by and I felt like someone was watching me again, except I wasn't walking up the stairs. I looked over my shoulder and nothing was there. I brushed it off as just something weird. As I started to doze off on the couch, I heard a faint whisper in my ear, "She," I awoke startled thinking my parents came home and I had overheard their conversation. But no one was there and the TV was off which was weird because I hadn't turned it off! I just assumed it had somehow shut off by itself.

This annoying feeling of being scared was getting relentless. My sister and I decided to try the Ouija board she had. The usual questions popped up such as, "Is there a ghost in our house?" "What is your name?" Basically, this ghost's name was George and he was in my house. Before I could ask George another question, the pointer began spelling out something, S-H-E. I took my hands off the pointer and I became very upset and told my sister about the night I heard the whisper. I went out of my sister's room and began to go into mine. When I looked down the stairs there was a figure of a man at the bottom. My heart sank and I ran back into my sister's room and slept on her floor. I told my mom about what had happened and I told her that the ghost's name was Geo. She interrupted me and said, "How do you know George?" I guess my mother had an uncle named George who lived with her and her family when she was little. At night, he would stand outside her room and would watch her go to sleep because she was afraid of the dark. He died of a heart attack when she was eleven. Then I told her that he likes to stand outside your room and watch you go to sleep still. I think what George was trying to tell me was "Shhh" not S-H-E. She laughed and walked away.

Since then I haven't gotten scared anymore about George outside of my mother's door in front of the stairs. (This isn't the same Uncle that I mentioned in the beginning)
Thanks for listening!

Russell, Massachusetts, USA
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