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Sacred Ground (1)

Virginia, USA
April 2000

After my mother remarried when I was seven, we moved to a old farm in south west Virginia. The land was given to my step-dad by his family. We found a nice level lot and began to prepare the grounds for building a house.

The first day we found an impressive quartz spear head, it was still sharp! We had pulled in a trailer to live in until the house was complete. I took the spear head and washed it off and put it in my room. The next day it was gone. I mistook it as lost and went out to find more and I did. This time I found several arrow heads and another spear head. As before, I cleaned them and put them in my room. This time I put them in a plastic bag in plain sight. That night as I was asleep a large dark man woke me up standing over my bed and said "don't do it again, Boy.". It scared me to death! I pulled the sheets over my head and cried myself to sleep. That would be very disturbing for anyone, especially a seven year old boy!

The next morning I woke wondering if the events of that night were real or just a dream. Then reality smacked me in the face. I looked to where the artifacts were placed the day before, the bag was still there but it was balled up and Empty. After that, I started asking some questions about the area we moved to. I found out from a couple of old timers that the exact lot that the house was being built on was an Indian Burial Ground. It was the only level place amongst rolling hills and valleys, it made sense. This info also helped confirm the stories, about a mile down the road was a river and on those river banks were evidence of an Indian tribe living as a community in that area. I even looked up the historical records at the library. So, I got out of the arrow head gathering business and started reading books. I figured it was a safer hobby.

A few years went by, not much happened. The usual rocking chair rocking with no one sitting in it, every light in the house turning on and off for several minutes. Nothing me and my parents couldn't get used too. Until, when I was thirteen my step-dad decided to put another light post in the yard near the driveway. Him and a friend had to dig a small ditch about a foot deep and thirty feet long. To no surprise they found more Indian artifacts. This wasn't the usual stuff. It included every thing from arrow heads to a tomahawk axe. About thirty items in all. Since the last "occurrence" happened about six years prior to that, it had all but faded away from my memory. Being the young and stupid teenager I was, I gathered all of it up and put it in a brown paper bag. I rolled the bags top down so nothing would fall out and I place the bag behind my bedroom door. I even told my mom where I was placing it so it would not be mistaken for trash or something.

That night I went to bed. From the way I had my bed positioned, I could look down the hallway and hear the TV from the living room. For some reason I always had trouble sleeping, (go figure). About 2:00 am I was awoken by an immensely bright light. I looked to see what was shining in my face. To my disbelief it was a half man, no lower half of his body, levitating at the end of my hallway. He was luminating a bright golden light. He had no eyes, ears, or lips, just dark indention's where they should have been. He also had no arms. That was scary, I couldn't believe my eyes. And that wasn't all. The scariest thing was that to the right of this levitating ghost was a levitating dagger. Both were suspended in midair, looking at me. My vision is a little bad, so I turned around to grab my glasses to get a better view of this sight. As soon as I turned around with my glasses on my face I watched in horror as the dagger floating beside this thing started leaning my way! And I am talking about the pointy end. As soon as the knife turned level it bolted straight towards my head. It scared me so bad that I passed out right before the object got to me. The next morning I didn't wake till noon (the latest I had ever slept). I was still holding on to my glasses on my face (remember all of that experience took seconds). I rolled out of bed and to my horror the bag of artifacts that I had placed behind my door was unrolled and turned upside down, empty. I turned around because at that moment I had remembered the dagger. There about six inches above my pillow was a two inch gash in my night stand. I started screaming! To this day I have not and will not touch another Indian artifact. I have learned a new respect for the dead and scared grounds.

I hope you enjoyed this true encounter.


A couple years later, my grandparents (antique dealers) unknowing of my past experience talked to a Indian artifact dealer in North Carolina. This man had a similar experience with a "half man that was golden bright", this ghost also had a dagger and it actually stabbed him in the back!

Virginia, USA
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