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Sacred Ground (2)

Shawn, PA, USA
January 2004

Iwas 17 years old in 1990. I had lived in the same trailer park since I was 8 years old and had never experienced any paranormal activity there until we were informed that Penndot was buying everyone out because they were going to put a highway across the mountain.

I'm a firm believer in ghosts and in fact after that night I can feel when there is a spirit around.

One night as I sat in my bedroom, thinking about where we were going to move to, a little girl, who looked to be about 8 years old walked through my door. I mean THROUGH it, my door never opened. She had long brown hair, with big ringlets and a dress that looked to be from the 1800's. I thought if I ever saw a ghost I would be scared out of my mind, but a sense of calmness came over me.

I looked into her eyes only to see black pools. She bent down to look at me closer, and it was like the black pools were looking right through me. Then she just straightened back up, walked back through my door, and I never saw her again.

I woke up the next day and told my mom and my sister what happened and they got goose bumps.

I went next door to my cousin John's house and told him. He informed me that 2 nights before, he was in his room watching T.V. when he saw a man walk through his closet, and he too looked to be from the same time as my visitor. He said the man leaned over him on the bed and rested his clenched fists into the leather that bordered his bed. This scared my cousin beyond belief, and he balled up in the corner of his bed and said "get out." He said the man then got up and walked back through his closet.

He thought at first it was a dream, that is until he woke up the next morning, and the fist prints were still present in the leather!

I have talked about this to some close friends of mine. Some think I'm nuts, but others believe.
The only thing I can think of was that land was where they lived their life and maybe they didn't want it disturbed. It is a highway now and I'm 32, but every time I go past that spot where I grew up, I feel a sadness for the spirits that lost their sacred ground to a highway.

Shawn, PA, USA
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