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Naomi, UK
October 2002

It seemed that every house we moved into was haunted. At first I was scared. The hairs on the back of my neck would stand on end and I would get cold shivers but in the end I just got used to it. I got so used to it in fact that I even wanted to name it. But what do you name a ghost? I didn't want to offend it, so I named it Sam.

Even though I was getting quite comfortable with Sam I still hadn't seen it, until Halloween last year!

I know it sounds like a bit of a coincidence but its true. And it was not me who saw it, it was my Mum.

I was in my bedroom sorting out makeup that I was going to were that night because a few mates and I were going Trick or Treating. I heard my mum call me from the living room and when I came out of my bedroom and looked at her she looked as white as a ghost. I asked her what the matter was but she just looked shocked. Then finally she said she saw someone walk out of my room and go into the bathroom, and when the bathroom light didn't go on she wondered what I was doing so she called me. Thats when I came out of my bedroom.

I was spooked for a long time after that. It was the thought that someone was in my room watching everything I was doing and I didn't know it. I'm not being funny when I say this but I got paranoid about getting changed for a long time after that.

Naomi, UK
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